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HOPE worldwide serves disadvantaged children and senior citizens, provides education and delivers medical services. Hope worldwide holds special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
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Life for a Child

A Program of the International Diabetes Federation

"For any child with diabetes, having access to insulin, a life-saving and life-sustaining medication, should be a right not a privilege. The discovery of insulin 89 years ago was hailed as a miracle. Yet today many children with diabetes in the developing world still face death because they cannot access or afford this miracle drug.”

Professor Martin Silink, President, International Diabetes Federation (2006-2009)

The mission of the Life for A Child programme

The International Diabetes Federation Life for a Child Programme (LFAC) seeks to give children and youth with diabetes in developing countries the best possible chance at a normal and healthy life. These children need insulin, quality medical care, blood glucose monitoring, and diabetes education. This care is often unavailable or unaffordable, resulting in a quick death or survival with poor quality of life. Serious complications can develop at a young age, and those who survive frequently drop out of school, have difficulty getting a job or finding a marriage partner, and struggle as adults.

Where and how needs are met

Life for a Child now assists over 9,000 children in 39 countries. Children’s diabetes services in each of these countries are provided with targeted support so they can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances. Depending on the needs this includes insulin, syringes, blood glucose testing supplies, HbA1c testing, education and training for health professionals. The centres provide thorough clinical and financial feedback to the LFAC Management team, based in Sydney, Australia.

HOPE worldwide’s role

HOPE worldwide has been a key partner in the programme since its inception in 2001. LFAC’s General Manager, Dr Graham Ogle worked for HOPE worldwide Australia until recently, and HOPE worldwide both collects funds and administers the programme in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.

For more information, call 020 7713 7655 or email info@hopeworldwide.org.uk

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