The Kenya Project – Medical Programme – Berin Krenek

Interviewed by Rebecca Budget (Volunteer)

Medical 1


Which aspect of the work in Kenya did you help with and what did this involve?

I was involved with the medical side of things. I was mainly assisting Claudine and Karen, my job involved translating, holding the torch, filing in the forms and making sure the tools and specimens were stocked and available for use.

Why did you decide to get involved?

It has been a dream of mine to go back to Kenya to serve since I left 6 years ago. When I heard about the Kenya project, I was delighted that I could give something back to Kenya, but also that I could assist since I have been a healthcare assistant for a while.

What were you most impacted by when you were there?

Lives were changed. The women felt cared for and most of them got the smear test and HIV test that they needed. I was touched by how easily they opened up and were vulnerable with their lives. It reminded me how these people live and are content with little.

What difference do you feel the team made to the lives of the Kenyans you met?

They were made more aware, not only of their medical needs but others were given opportunities in business and music.

Why would you encourage other people to volunteer with The Kenya Project in the future?

Jesus left his throne to live with us for 30 years; we are being asked to travel to a different country for less than a week and most of the time the volunteers are still accommodated in  a 3 star hotel. It means so much to someone out there.

We can all give something, if we allow God to use us.